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And, we know a thing or two about ITAD services.

What is ITAD services?

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) is the practice of reusing, recycling, repurposing, repairing or disposing of unwanted IT equipment in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. 

Why do you need
ITAD services?

Businesses, government agencies, and organizations need to safely dispose of their unused/outdated equipment for several reasons:

  • Cybersecurity: Safe disposal of your IT equipment ensures that your organization’s data – and the data of those you serve – does not fall into the hands of the wrong people. 
  • Environment responsibility: IT Equipment that ends up in landfills poses a threat to our environment for generations. 
  • Asset recovery: Proper disposal of your IT equipment ensures that you are able to improve the asset recovery process. You can improve your organization’s bottom line by entrusting us with your ITAD.

Our Process

Review your IT equipment and assets

Our team of experts will review your inventory and develop a plan to facilitate the arrival of your equipment to our facilities.

Acquire your IT Equipment

We are equipped to handle the logistics of your equipment. Our team takes the stress and worry out of the process by assuming the responsibility of handling your equipment.

Sort/Inventory your equipment

Once your equipment arrives at our facility, we begin the process of sorting your equipment and developing an inventory management system.

The Disposition Process

Once we complete the sorting of your equipment, we begin the process of recycling, reusing or disposing of your IT assets in an environmentally friendly manner.

Final Reporting

We provide clients Certificates of Recycling & Deconstruction that meet industry standards and ensure our clients’ compliance. Furthermore, once the ITAD process is complete, we deliver a custom final report with a breakdown of our clients’ ITAD services.

Why Choose TMR Services?

TMR Services works in collaboration with an R2 certified company to ensure the safe and approriate destruction of your data. We exceed industry standards to ensure we are meeting our partners and clients’ needs and their best interests. We are certified to handle your unused or unwanted IT equipment. 

We exceed industry standards by:

  • Maximizing the value of our clients’ IT assets. 
  • Have increased security protocols to minimize the risk of security breaches, etc. Full transparency isn’t a suggestion at TMR, it is implemented and upheld always.

What can we do?

  • Data Center & IT Asset Recycling, Recovery and Disposition
  • Resell IT equipment
  • Recycle IT equipment
  • Secure Data Wiping & Data Destruction
  • Secure IT Asset Deconstruction


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